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Collaboration Grant

Project Manager: Juliet Safier 



What is the Collaboration Grant?  The Collaboration Grant is a grant that the Vernonia School District applied for in order to ensure that we meet the stipulations of Senate Bill 290.  Senate Bill 290 is in the process of changing the way teachers and administrators are evaluated in Oregon.

The following are the committees Vernonia School District has created to facilitate the changes that Senate Bill 290 will initiate in our district. Also included below are the minutes from the respective committee meetings.


Evaluation Committee Minutes Data Committee Minutes PBIS Committee Minutes
Chair: Juliet Safier Chair: Doran Lower Chair: Jan Dyer
   10-10-12  10-2-12
   10-30-12  10-12-12
   11-27-12  10-24-12
   12-7-2012  11-14-12
Volunteer Committee Minutes Instructional Team Leaders Committee Minutes
Chair: TBA Chair: Aaron Miller