Mist Elementary School

69163 Hwy 47   Mist, OR  97016                 (503) 755-2486    FAX: (503) 755-2213

Mist Elementary School is a small school house that serves 16 students in grades K-5, located 17 miles north of Vernonia.  Mist Elementary School was  originally constructed in 1917.  All grades are facilitated in a self-contained classroom with one teacher, and one classroom instructional assistant.


Mist Elementary gets a new sign.


Students at Mist Elementary School enjoy the benefits of a small school setting where individualized instruction, teamwork and positive learning environment are the norms. 

Mist Elementary School is also a PBiS (Positive Behavior Support) school, where behavior is treated as another academic subject. Students are taught the 4 Be’s (Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) of school and classroom expectations, and then demonstrate that positive behaviorthroughout the school setting. Students are acknowledged and rewarded for displaying positive behaviors, re-taught when needed and receive consequences when they are earned and necessary. This discipline system has been implemented at Mist Grade School for 4 years, and has dramatically decreased the number of disciplinary referrals issued to students, while dramatically increasing the positive atmosphere within our school.